TARGET E-Sports Entertainment is the marketing, management and service agency dedicated to competitive gaming. We help companies to discover the exciting opportunities of the fast-growing esports market, support players achieve their goals, and provide fans with our tournaments and community platforms a place for their favorite hobby. Our more than 15 years of experience in the development and support of various esports projects, we incorporate into the following areas:



We promote your products and services in our strong network on websites, in social networks and in videos.

Tournament and League Organization

We have vast experience in creating tournaments and leagues for hundreds of participants.

Team and Player Management

We manage some of the most successful esports players and help them achieve their goals.

Social Media Management

We help you grow your presence in social networks and build an engaged community.

Media Production

We produce photos and videos to promote your products and services.

Event Organization

We organize offline events such as tournaments or trade fair appearances.

Bringing together esports and business is our mission. As esports fans of the first hour, we witnessed first-hand how tournaments have moved into stadiums and how players have become stars. We would now like to use this experience to set new standards.

Our mission

  • Be the best possible consultant for esports
  • Help to bring great products and services to the esports audience
  • Assist companies to enter the esports market
  • Create new and creative advertising opportunities
  • Achieve maximum range in an interesting audience for our partners
  • Set new standards in the management of professional gaming teams
  • Support players realize their dream of becoming a professional
  • Create esports communities with hundreds of thousands of followers
  • Host exciting online and offline events

Our work in pictures

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