CS:GO Videos

CS:GO Videos is a community based website and social media community around highlight videos of the biggest esports events, current productions of the main influencers of the industry and the best clips of players from all around the world. With its strong focus on social media, CS:GO Videos relies on intense interaction with its followers and providing daily entertainment with dozens of videos and recent articles.


  • Large number of self-produced videos
  • High range especially via social media
  • Focus on user interaction
  • Established brand in the CS:GO scene
  • Rapid growth in range and followers
Video views among all platforms: 4.600.000 per month
Facebook: 195.000 Fans, 1.500.000 Video Views per month
Instagram: 76.600 Subscribers, 2.150.000 Impressions per Week
Website: 45.000 Visitors, 230.000 Pageviews per Month
YouTube: 10.200 Subscriber, 30.000 video views per Month

advertising opportunities

Video Ads

Place your video ad with a length of up to 10 seconds at the beginning of our self-produced videos. Depending on the type of video, our productions combined on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram usually reach between 10.000 and 50.000 views.

Social Media Advertising

We post your photo, video or promotion on our social channels and make our fans, followers and subscribers aware of your product or service. You can expect a range of up to 250.000 people reached depending on the type of post you want to promote.

Banner Ads

Our website is the first place to go for any video enthusiast and lover of CS:GO. Make this audience of more than 45.000 unique visitors per month aware of your products or services by placing your banner ad on csgovideos.net.

Link Placement

With an extensive placement of your promotional message including links to your website in regular video posts on our social channels, we lead our fanbase directly to you.

Product Presentations

We produce photos, videos or even live streams to present your products or services and to explain the benefits and special features.

SEO optimized Articles

Our professional editors write SEO-optimized articles about your products or services and draw the attention of thousands of esports fans. By optimizing for Google, the article gets even in the long run still clicks.

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