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Entropy Gaming

Entropy Gaming has quickly become one of the top addresses in German esports and was awarded „Esports Team of the Year“ in 2022. Founded in 2016, the club is home to several professional teams that compete for five-digit prizes in major national and international competitions. Thanks to a large number of strong results and an extensive media production around the players, Entropy quickly established a considerable fanbase.



  • Attending esports events around the world with successful teams in many different games
  • 2x German Champions, 5x European Champions, 50+ national and international top 3 placements
  • Over 50,000€ in prize money won
  • Extensive media production around the players, thanks to an in-house studio in Oberhausen, North-Rhine-Westphalia
  • More than 150.000 social media followers accross all team and player profiles

Build one of the most successful German esports teams. Develop young talents into championship winning athletes. Provide entertaining content. Grow the social media presence across multiple platforms.

  • ZOWIE Divina Invitational Shanghai (PUBG)

    $15.000 prize pool - 1st place

  • German Championship (PUBG)

    5.000€ prize pool - 1st place

  • Virtual Bundesliga 2019 (EA SPORTS FIFA)

    45.000€ prize pool - 3rd place

  • ESL Meisterschaft (CS:GO)

    25.000€ prize pool - 5th place

  • Broadcaster Royale Seattle (PUBG)

    $300.000 prize pool - 15th place

  • Project V Finals Krefeld (VALORANT)

    7.500€ prize pool - 2nd place

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