Player Management

Developing talent and supporting professional players to prevail in large prize money tournaments are our strengths. Entropy Gaming and Team SkinBaron, for which we are responsible, have developed into strong brands in German esports. Having your own esports team with your company name means a big step into esports and a lot of advertising possibilities.


  • Development of a new esports brand, logo and website for your company
  • Signing players to compete in tournaments
  • Running social media profiles
  • Taking care of extensive media production like photos, videos and interviews
  • Implementation of advertising measures for your company

Your benefits

Many advertising possibilities

An own esports team offers extensive advertising possibilities. You can place ads on: jerseys, website, social media, videos and more. In addition, the team can perform at your own events and give signing sessions and photos.

Increase social media range

Esports fans are very active in social networks. An in-house gaming team attracts many new fans who want to find out about the activities of the players and can therefore be made aware of new products or services.

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