Social Media Management

With over 15 years of experience in the gaming and esports industry and a strong affinity to all popular social networks, we are pleased to help establish and expand your presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. With a strong focus on customer engagement, interesting content, and a deliberate visual presence, we ensure sustainable growth and increasing reach.


  • Regular posts in all social networks
  • Creation of interesting content,  tailor-made for the target group
  • Evaluation of statistics for monthly reports
  • Interaction with the fans, followers and subscribers
  • Creation of advertisements and promotions
  • Ensuring constant growth in all social networks

Your Benefits

Build a great relationship with your customers

Through regular interaction with fans, followers and subscribers, we help to create a positive corporate image and provide you with valuable opportunities to get in touch with your customers and learn more about their needs.

Create a sustainable marketing tool

A large and ever-growing following in social networks is a sustainable marketing tool that allows you to make customers aware of your business in the long term.

Increase your range

Based on our experience in building high-reach social communities with more than 100,000 fans, we know exactly how we will expand your company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, quickly creating hundreds or thousands of new followers.

Increase product awareness and sales

In social networks, you can reach thousands of potential customers comparatively quickly and make them aware of product updates or new services. This potentially results in an increase in sales after only a short time.

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