Tournament and League Organization

Esports fans love competitions. We create and organize your own tournament series with complete branding of your company. This includes the tournament name, the logo, the website, the social media profiles and the design of the live broadcasts.


  • Offers a huge number of advertising possibilities
  • Up to 1000 participants every week
  • Hundreds of spectators on the live streams
  • Social media presence with own profiles
  • Possible in many different games and formats
  • Can be online only or include an offline event

Your Benefits

Many advertising options

On the tournament site, the social media profiles and the livestreams there are a lot of interesting advertising possibilities for your company. Through the individual design of the website and the graphic design of the tournament, we can realize almost all wishes.

Positive perception of the esports fans

Tournaments are fun! And there can be no such fun without the support of sponsors. Branded tournaments are therefore not negatively perceived as advertising, but are positively received by the esports fans.

High range

Tournaments achieve high ranges. Hundreds of attendees, lots of viewers on the livestreams, social media posts on the tournament’s official profiles and lots of additional posts from the participants and spectators, as well as external news coverage on esports new pages, make for a considerable reach.

Extensive content production

Around the tournaments we can produce extensive content, which you can also use for your own social media profile or website. Examples are: highlight videos of the best plays, interviews with the players, articles on results and much more.

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