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The Berlin-based sound experts from Teufel are premium partners of our championship-winning esports team Entropy Gaming. As part of the cooperation, Teufel’s gaming headsets are advertised with the help of Entropy’s players and influencers. In addition, our in-house esports facility, the Esports Center NRW, with its diverse creative possibilities and professional studio equipment, provides the best conditions for creating authentic image and video material. For the launch of the new CAGE ONE headset, product photos were also produced for the Teufel online shop as part of an extensive shoot at the Esports Center NRW. To accompany the photo shoot, we ran an extensive online campaign for the new product.


Help Teufel become a recognized brand in esports. Produce high-quality product photos and videos. Use the reach and awareness of Entropy to promote Teufel products.

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